The St. Ann project is based on a strong desire to help communities in Jamaica develop the capacity to provide needed medical services to vulnerable citizens.

Aiding Caribbean students studying in the Health Care profession in Canada.


Our valuable team of experts will bring a wealth of expertise to the St. Ann Medical Outreach project. Serving in distinguished capacities and professional organizations in Canada, the team is committed to finding creative ways to build a healthier future for the Alexandria Hospital in St. Ann.

Judy Richards

Judy Richards

Committee chair
Judy Richards

Dawne George

Event Lead
Judy Richards

Nadine Anderson

Judy Richards

Kamala Jean Gopie

Committee Member
Judy Richards

Paul Barnett

Committee Member
Judy Richards

Alexandria Anderson

Committee Member


To help hospitals in the Caribbean and support Canadian Health
Care students with a West Indian background

  • To support the delivery of medical services to the Caribbean, initially focusing on the community hospital of Alexandria in St. Ann Jamaica, and then on other communities as the need arises.
  • To provide the medical supplies needed/ requested by the hospital.
  • To seek donations of medical equipment and supplies.
  • To raise funds for the purchase of medical equipment and supplies.
  • To raise funds to assist with the infrastructure of the hospital.
  • To support Health Care students from a Caribbean background studying
    in Canada.

What We Do

We find creative ways to raise funds for our initiatives

We are a creative team, with innovative ways of raising funds to provide medical equipment and resources for the Caribbean and Jamaica in particular.

Supporting students from the Caribbean studying in the Health Care field in Canada.